New website launched – The Living House

The Living House is based in the Canberra area and creates energy efficient houses through sustainable design. Nigel at The Living House is looking to create a brand, and get his business’s name out to an audience who appreciates unique and sustainable design. The project was focused on a local business search strategy, logo/brand creation and … Read more

Freelance website design and build portfolio

Here are a few websites I worked on recently, building manageable websites for businesses in Australia. At the moment I am working on websites in the Newcastle area, take a look if you are a small/local business that needs an online solution. Website design Newcastle – Dean Wormald on Google Maps Australia. For website hosting, … Read more

Summafieldayze 2011 set times

Here are the set times for Summafieldayze 2011 at Gold Coast on 2nd January 2011. Very interesting that this was nowhere to be found on the official Summafieldayze or Fuzzy Entertainment sites. Credit goes to Scene Magazine who have an online reader for their street mag. You will find me at: 2:10 – Miami Horror … Read more

Miami Horror – Holidays (lyrics)

Miami Horror Lyrics: Here are the lyrics for Holidays from Miami Horror‘s recent 2010 album, Illumination. Just like the lyrics I did for Underworld – Moon In Water (lyrics), all the lyrics sites on the web were obviously wrong. And onto the track, which I had listened to over 25 times before I even attempted … Read more

Interactive Campaign awards – Hidden Pizza Restaurant

Looks like the Hidden Pizza campaign I worked on as Senior Interactive Producer has won an award (edit: or 5)… Spike Asia Advertising Festival 2010 – Integrated Gold Spike Winner. Also the site our team built was shortlisted on TheFWA. EDIT: The site was awarded TheFWA site of the day for 5 December 2010. EDIT: … Read more

Underworld – Moon In Water (lyrics)

Underworld Lyrics: Here are the lyrics for Moon in Water from Underworld’s most recent album, Barking. Lyrics I have seen on other dedicated lyrics sites were incorrect, so I made my own. A very new and extremely pleasurable album, Underworld continue their unique sound, carrying them continually on top of the electronic scene for over … Read more