Communications tool for White Pages produced in 2009

Following the horrific bushfire season in Victoria in the summer of 2008/09, the White Pages team at Sensis briefed Clemenger Proximity to create a content managed site, allowing them to post contact details relative to public emergency situations.

White Pages Community was developed by my team and I to address this need, and with other stakeholders at Sensis on-board, sections of the site were added to showcase the annual Covers Program and general White Pages News.

White Pages Community homepage
Homepage of White Pages Community, showing two Public Service Announcements

My role, as well as the normal project management role taken on by a producer, was in creating the information architecture and interface layout. Jon Kerney took these and created a spacious and highly navigable interface design for the entire site. Anthony Smith then took these designs, and in a semi-R&D way set about developing the site in Drupal for a fully content managed site. This is really one of those sites that looks easy (thanks to the great work of said design/developer team) due to user interface, but was tricky technically to complete, and Anthony did a top job of customising the workflow for the CMS user.

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