Free camping at Little Annon River near Cooktown

There is no camping except for caravan parks, within 15kms of Cooktown. With some local knowledge we headed to Annon Gorge and found a spot on top of a hill on the other side of the river from the main access point (tour groups showed up there everyday).

Vans setup at the camp site
The three vans with a communal covered area, the tarp comes out on rare occasions.

Very good part of the river here, a sandy beach type entry to some rapids for fun and safe swimming. We had a fire on the sandy area one day and cooked potato’s in the fire – delicious jacket potato!

2 thoughts on “Free camping at Little Annon River near Cooktown”

  1. It was disgusting – flies, sand flies , prickels just dreadful.

    We left and went to Endeavour River Escape – Fantastic!!!! Cheap but gorgeous!

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