Get out of the big city and go see historic Japan

Most people when they come to Japan will see Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto… and little else. In Kyoto you can experience traditional Japan, but it can be a bit crowded…

Take a look at Narai-juku which is on the Nakasendo, an old highway from Edo (old Tokyo) and Kyoto. 11 post towns, some preserved as they were 200 years ago.


See traditional Japan at Narai-juku.

2 thoughts on “Get out of the big city and go see historic Japan”

  1. Narai-juku looks really lovely! Even being Japanese I never knew about this place. It’s on my list of place to visit next time I go back 🙂 I also enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Great Maki glad you liked it! There are many of these “post towns” along what was the old route (Nakasendo) between Kyoto and Edo.

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