Weet-Bix in Japan

Finally I have acquired one of my favourite staples for breakfast… Weet-Bix!

A typical breakfast in Japan would be rice, grilled fish, raw egg, pickled vegies and natto. As this is almost exactly what I have for lunch, I need my cereal!

There aren’t many cereals to choose from here, there are a few Kellogs brands (Frosties, Cocoa Pops, Corn Flakes etc) but they are very small and very expensive. There are also a few other sugar coated varieties of cereal which are cheap. I’ve found some different types of muesli, these are good but expensive and full of sugar.

But at last I found some Weet-Bix from Kenko-Komu (ケンコーコム)… so I decided to stock up…

Weet-Bix in Japan

Weet-Bix in Japan!!!

7 x 375gm boxes cost about 2000 円, which is about $23 AUD including postage.

Author: DW

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  1. Thank you for this interesting post. I have a friend in Japan who is missing Weet-Bix after having lived in New Zealand for some years . She knows she can buy it in Japan, but it is expensive. So, now I can send it to her through Kenko, which will cost much less than sending it from Europe, where I live. Thanks again for sharing your find!

  2. You’re welcome, us Weet-Bix lovers must support each other!

  3. Thank`s for posting this, there does seem to be a lot of sugar in the breakfast serials over here. I have been looking for Weet-Bix for some time, mum wont have to send it over in the mail now…

  4. Great Simon, at least one other Aussie has benefited from this!

  5. Awesome stuff! Methinks I shall stock up too.

  6. Has anyone actually found Weet-Bix at a good price in the stores in Tokyo?

  7. You might find some at a random import store, but ordering online is going to be the easiest and probably cheapest way to go.

  8. Great stuff, thanks for the link, my wannabe triathlete son needs his weet bix.

  9. Very much appreciated finding this detail. Son in Japan missing weet-bix. Brilliant thanks.

  10. Glad to help!

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