NQ – North Queensland camping near Townsville

No more massive drives…

Travelled from Townsville to Jourama Falls camp this morning. Large grounds to drive in and camp on a large site. We have 3 vans and 2 tents in this convoy and we were easily able to find a private spot. Cold shower and toilets, and lots of bush turkeys. This place is about 5km from the Bruce Hwy and then about 25km south of Ingham. As with most Queensland national parks, it is $5 a head, much cheaper than camping in NSW!

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The brush turkey’s are running amuck and huntsman spider’s are being devoured by strange wasp looking insects.

Wasp dragging a Huntsman spider
This wasp stung the Huntsman twice (that we saw) and dragged it up a tree

The waterfall is a 1hr round trip walking. I did not attempt this.

Creek near Jourama Falls
A few shallow crossings were encountered before the camp ground, 4WD was not necessary

So far the trip has been very relaxing, spending much time getting my van in order. Especially focusing on power, for the car fridge and to charge phone/laptop. Trial and error has been semi-successful so far…

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  1. That huntsman thing freaks the hell out of me – I could NEVER do a trip like that. Even in the car I’d be freaked out. Seriously. Ugh.

  2. Oh sorry, not to say the trip doesn’t look amazing, I’d love to do it! Unfortunately I have arachnophobia. Pathetic.

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