Weet-Bix in Japan

Finally I have acquired one of my favourite staples for breakfast… Weet-Bix!

A typical breakfast in Japan would be rice, grilled fish, raw egg, pickled vegies and natto. As this is almost exactly what I have for lunch, I need my cereal!

There aren’t many cereals to choose from here, there are a few Kellogs brands (Frosties, Cocoa Pops, Corn Flakes etc) but they are very small and very expensive. There are also a few other sugar coated varieties of cereal which are cheap. I’ve found some different types of muesli, these are good but expensive and full of sugar.

But at last I found some Weet-Bix from Kenko-Komu (ケンコーコム)… so I decided to stock up…

Weet-Bix in Japan
Weet-Bix in Japan!!!

7 x 375gm boxes cost about 2000 円, which is about $23 AUD including postage.

10 thoughts on “Weet-Bix in Japan”

  1. Thank you for this interesting post. I have a friend in Japan who is missing Weet-Bix after having lived in New Zealand for some years . She knows she can buy it in Japan, but it is expensive. So, now I can send it to her through Kenko, which will cost much less than sending it from Europe, where I live. Thanks again for sharing your find!

  2. Thank`s for posting this, there does seem to be a lot of sugar in the breakfast serials over here. I have been looking for Weet-Bix for some time, mum wont have to send it over in the mail now…

  3. You might find some at a random import store, but ordering online is going to be the easiest and probably cheapest way to go.

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