My new 1LDK apartment in Toyota City, Japan

So after training in Nagoya, I finally settled into my apartment in Toyota City. Here is a walk-through video of my empty place…

1LDK means 1 bed, a living room and a kitchen and dining room. It really is not that small, and in comparison to Australia, it is actually quite cheap to rent. My place is about 15 minutes (walk then train) to the Toyota CBD (downtown area).

Author: DW

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  1. Looks pretty spacious for Japan. I was expecting a tiny box style unit.

  2. …wtf… your apt is amazing. fuck. switch?

  3. Dude that looks awesome! You get a decent amount of room considering that you always hear how Japanese apartments are so small. Also I like how you append ‘I think’ to the end of a lot of the features you explain lol

  4. only if i can have your car sandy

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