WordPress, Travelling, Blogging and Product Promotion: An Interview With Me

One of the great things about WordPress is the community… the people are passionate and have a great attribute of sharing freely.

Jean from WP Mayor contacted me a while ago after I left a comment on one of his blog posts. It ended up in this interview… enjoy my WordPress super-expert-knowledge and self-promotion abilities!

Dean Wormald: Meet a Travelling WordPress Freelancer & Entprepreneur

WordBeach, Nagoya 2011

I’m posting this to my WordPress blog via the iPhone app, from WordBeach near Nagoya. WordBeach homepage: http://wordbeach.org/ (Japanese). Yokoso News page, including details on the live video cast I was a guest on: http://yokosonews.com/matsuri/wordbeach2011/ (English). Struggling with understanding the language, but it’s interesting to see the WordPress community in Japan. It was a pleasure … Read more