Things I Wished I Brought To Japan as an ALT (or any English Teacher)

Stubby holders from Australia

Approaching the 1 year mark of living in Japan and working as an Assistant Language Teacher in 2 Junior High Schools in Toyota city, Aichi prefecture, I’ve started remembering the months leading up to departure from Australia last year. What stuff do I need that I might not be able to find easily in Japan? … Read more

The ALT experience and living in Japan – my first 6 months

Last month marked my first 6 months of working and living in Japan. Since I arrived in Japan, I’ve been living in Toyota city (Aichi prefecture, near Nagoya), working as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) at 2 local junior high schools. This post has been in the works for a few weeks now, whenever I … Read more

Weet-Bix in Japan

Finally I have acquired one of my favourite staples for breakfast… Weet-Bix! A typical breakfast in Japan would be rice, grilled fish, raw egg, pickled vegies and natto. As this is almost exactly what I have for lunch, I need my cereal! There aren’t many cereals to choose from here, there are a few Kellogs … Read more

Driving from Suenohara to Toyota City, then Toyota Stadium… vending machine spotting

Here is a video I took, driving from my house to Toyota city. Originally the video was supposed to help me remember a new route to drive to work, but found it interesting at how many vending machines there were, and where they were. Vending machines in Japan are known as 自販機 (jihanki, which is … Read more

My new 1LDK apartment in Toyota City, Japan

So after training in Nagoya, I finally settled into my apartment in Toyota City. Here is a walk-through video of my empty place… 1LDK means 1 bed, a living room and a kitchen and dining room. It really is not that small, and in comparison to Australia, it is actually quite cheap to rent. My … Read more