Things I Wished I Brought To Japan as an ALT (or any English Teacher)

Stubby holders from Australia

Approaching the 1 year mark of living in Japan and working as an Assistant Language Teacher in 2 Junior High Schools in Toyota city, Aichi prefecture, I’ve started remembering the months leading up to departure from Australia last year. What stuff do I need that I might not be able to find easily in Japan? … Read more

The ALT experience and living in Japan – my first 6 months

Last month marked my first 6 months of working and living in Japan. Since I arrived in Japan, I’ve been living in Toyota city (Aichi prefecture, near Nagoya), working as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) at 2 local junior high schools. This post has been in the works for a few weeks now, whenever I … Read more

WordBeach, Nagoya 2011

I’m posting this to my WordPress blog via the iPhone app, from WordBeach near Nagoya. WordBeach homepage: (Japanese). Yokoso News page, including details on the live video cast I was a guest on: (English). Struggling with understanding the language, but it’s interesting to see the WordPress community in Japan. It was a pleasure … Read more