Xbox work as Interactive Producer for amnesia

Halo 4 (woops I meant Halo Fore)

So amazingly glad that someone at amnesia put an archived version of the Halo Fore online challenge somewhere accessible. This was such a cool little project and I can’t believe we got away with the name and use of actual Halo game props!

First bounce should be just near the Mongoose...

Play Halo Fore. Over 3.5 million games have been played and $15,000 raised for charity! Now THAT is how you do viral…

Xbox 360 water balloon world record

On a bit of a trip at the moment tracking down work I’ve done over the years. This one was a definite standout, during my early days at amnesia.

Getting smashed by water balloons...
World record water balloon throwing event for Xbox Australia at Coogee Beach in 2006

View the full story ‘Australia and Xbox break world water balloon record!‘.

Xbox Konsoles for Kids

Xbox 360 Konsoles for Kids charity auction
Custom airbrushed and autographed Xbox 360 consoles

This was a fun one to watch, the Halo 3 console with autographs from the Bungie team sold for $24,000!

Heaps more work was done for Xbox, including many custom features for, they were a great client and gave us really great creative room to move.

P.S. Next mission, check through old amnesia projects to add to my portfolio.

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