WordPress Hosting Review: Host Geek Australia

Since 2010 I’ve been a happy customer of Host Geek. I run many WordPress installations and refer all my web design clients to them. Take a look at all their website hosting plans. In this detailed review I’ll share my experience with Host Geek using their shared website hosting (what they call business website hosting, … Read more

Review of Australian WordPress cloud website hosting

I’ve been doing web design and development since the late 1990’s. I’ve gone through a lot of different website hosting providers. Recently I needed to find a rock solid Australian WordPress cloud website hosting provider. One key lesson I’ve learnt over the years… When it comes to website hosting: you get what you pay for. … Read more

WordPress, Travelling, Blogging and Product Promotion: An Interview With Me

One of the great things about WordPress is the community… the people are passionate and have a great attribute of sharing freely.

Jean from WP Mayor contacted me a while ago after I left a comment on one of his blog posts. It ended up in this interview… enjoy my WordPress super-expert-knowledge and self-promotion abilities!

Dean Wormald: Meet a Travelling WordPress Freelancer & Entprepreneur

How to make websites: a guide for Australians

Finally, I’ve done it. From the initial thoughts years ago, to the start of methodical work on it, my venture into selling in the online space has commenced. After a degree in Mutlimedia (marketing major) and 5 years working in some of Australia’s leading interactive agencies and businesses, I wanted to share my knowledge of … Read more

New website launched – The Living House

The Living House is based in the Canberra area and creates¬†energy efficient houses through sustainable design. Nigel at The Living House is looking to create a brand, and get his business’s name out to an audience who appreciates unique and sustainable design. The project was focused on a local business search strategy, logo/brand creation and … Read more