New website launched – The Living House

The Living House is based in the Canberra area and creates energy efficient houses through sustainable design. Nigel at The Living House is looking to create a brand, and get his business’s name out to an audience who appreciates unique and sustainable design.

The project was focused on a local business search strategy, logo/brand creation and a clean website enabling the user to easily contact The Living House.

The brand and the logo

The logo took a very hands on approach, being created by Esca Beloved of Ampersand Etcetera (see Esca Beloved’s LinkedIn profile and Ampersand Etcetera’s Tumblr portfolio). After getting out the calligraphy brushes, we see the stunning end result…

Energy efficient houses by sustainable designers | The Living House
The calligraphic style artwork and matching font face makes for a very versatile logo.

Esca is an awesome digital and print designer based in Newcastle. Feel free to contact her via one of her sites above.

Take a look at the logo in the new website… Energy efficient houses by sustainable designers | The Living House.

The website

My services are focused on good strategic digital business planning, resulting in solid SEO research and a local search business strategy. This website is built using WordPress.

Energy efficient houses by sustainable designers | The Living House website screenshot
Home page of The Living House

Site design is using the premium WordPress theme Devster. The main alterations were on the homepage, and adding a mini enquiry form into the sidebar.

Go see what energy efficient homes really can be…

The Living House offers sustainable building design of energy efficient homes. If you are interested in building energy efficiency and the living green dream, take a look at

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