I like vans – GMC or Chevrolet with custom windows

I spotted this van, don’t know if it is a GMC Vandura, maybe 1996 model? Anyway it looked very cool. Saw this in Hamilton (Newcastle), NSW Australia. I guess these are typical American vans but you don’t see them too much around here…

Chevrolet or GMC van with custom windows

Chevrolet or GMC van with custom windows

It was de-badged so can’t tell what the make was. It had a custom sideways tear drop shape bulbous tinted window and then another vertical (across a horizontal indent) tinted window.

Very cool looking thing.

Do you know exactly what model it is?

Author: DW

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  1. That’s a Bedford CF1 van.

  2. Score, we have an answer! Thanks, looks like your a fellow in the know with your blog too…

  3. You weren’t very off since General Motors owned Bedford.

    Now the Bedford CF was introduced in 1969 in the UK to compete with the Ford Transit that launched 4 years prior.

    Many people believe that the styling cues came from the US Chevy/GMC vans but that particular body style (3rd generation) only came out in 1971.

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